Friends, Life and The Journey

Posted on June 27, 2009 / Thoughts

Life changes. That is, hands down, the worst part. But somehow we are psychologically conditioned to accept these changes and allow the flow of time to continue to pull us along. 100 years ago people only had memories, but now we have visual proof; we have, within a single photograph or a 30 second video clip, a parallel universe that contains those memories, which live on, forever looping, and consistently bringing those memories back to life.

Before you go ahead and call me "Sentimental John", you should think about this within the context of your own personal history. After viewing some photos an old friend posted on facebook, i suddenly had a glow in my heart, a nice warm feeling of home, friendship and the essence of childhood. And although these photos referred to a 3 month period in my life, the essence of these feelings I had felt were rooted deep down in my memory, the very building blocks of my personality, my understanding of friendship and the way I am today! I didn't stop there tho, Nope! I went ahead and scavanged facebook for old photos of my friends and myself. and although I really wanted to cry, I felt so at peace, so humble and sooooo happy!

Over the past few years, like most of you, i've been waking up early, working my ass off, doing way toooo much stuff for not enough money. It started to make me wonder why we all do this to ourselves? Why do we grow up, get a job and slave for the rest of our lives? If it was up to me, I'd want to be back with my friends, hanging out, remember how to authentically have fun, no drugs, alcohol, or distractors. Just us, just life and just the moments. Perhaps I'm a bit sentimental now because i'm listening to some music by an old friend of mine, but regardless, what else can make us happier in our lives? Dont' get me wrong, I love my job and my work, and it's definitely NOT about the money, but when I sit alone in my office and enjoy doing my work, I never get that feeling that i used to get when i was with my friends. I don't feel that eternal love for life, that feeling of life without responsibilities, of one never ending moment.

Today, though, when i received all these old photos on facebook, i suddenly got so sad. I mean, I couldnt concentrate on my work, i couldnt even pay attention to the crosstown classic, all I could think of is how much I want to apologize to all my friends for growing up, moving on and doing my own thing. I really felt bad. I felt bad for growing up. I felt some kind of obligation to them, to remain their friends, make them smile and remind them of why we love life and each other so much. And now I feel like I broke that promise, until I found those photos! As I scanned through all those photos (like 5 times), i realized, that in some small digital format, that life still exist, that we still sit and enjoy those moments, and every time I look at those photos I immediately become overwhelmed with an good, bad and great memories. Not your typical memories or thoughts, these were vivid, and enhanced by the visual cues, I was temporarily reliving those moments, although instantaneously, it felt long and real.

Where does that put us? Right at the forefront of life, integrated harmoniously with technology, allowing us to drift along with the tides of time while maintaining a realistic appreciation for our past. Just imagine the future generations with their video phones and the animated impressions they will have on their lives. I see them now, with their 1,302 friends, their 73 albums and over 3,000 tagged photos. This is the generation that will live forever, they will have their friends, the good times, the bad times and the normal times at their disposal, they will be able to relive every moment forever. In a way I envey them, although I do appreciate the friends I've had and the experiences we've shared. And I thank you all.

With love,