Horoscopes, Superstitions and Superman!

Posted on September 03, 2008

I think I can accurately say that organized religion, for the most part, doesn't hold the same legitimacy it once did, right? I think so and I think I could probably talk your ear off about religion but that's not what I'm hear to talk about. But one thing I'm realizing is that despite the fact that organized religions (and ways people believed in them) are dying out, it doesn't mean the psychological defects of religious mentality have gone anywhere--what I mean is that people are still as superstitious, religious and upright stupid as they ever were!

I know a lot of people who, for the most part, are not very religious. They don't go to church, mosque or temple, they don't read bible/quran/torah verses all day, and they barely follow the religious holidays. But what all these people have (regardless of the original religion) is a unconscious attachment to superstition and mysticalism that they probably are not aware of.

True! If those people are reading then they probably say, bah!, fuck off, John. You're lame and a lier. But I'm not. Through the evolutionary history of mankind we have become increasingly suseptible to the superstitious, otherworldy, and mystical fantasies of religion and other related retardations of human moral/ehtical systems. I don't want to start an argument, but we'll assume this for my argument--men, through history and their interaction with religion, have become increasingly attached to superstition, and those who were strong believers in superstition (and religion) survived against the tides of the natural order (i.e. natural selection with reference to man, war and religion). Thus, we are consequently the product of a animal "more fit for the environment" by the decree of religion. Those unbelievers were occasionally kill (and by occasionally I mean always). That being said, let's move forward. I have to be real careful here because I tend to tangent a lot during the course of such subjects. 

So basically we are certain predisposition that compels us to buy into and follow superstition based beliefs, i.e. religion. But since we barely follow those historical religions we've created our own. Scientology! hahahahahah! I don't even need to talk about, that is the most ridiculous abomination to human logic that I've ever heard. But horoscopes, dream books, fortune tellers, and all those other superstition based philosophies that people nowadays buy into, that's what I'm talking about. Most people say they just read them or check to out becuase they're interesting. But how many of them deep down inside say "dammit, i shouldn't have dated that duechebag, my horoscope said he was duechebag!" or "jeeze, fuckin horoscope was right, this is a terrible day" or "this day is wonderful...just like my horoscope predicted"???? Seriously, people say this shit. Perhaps not audibly or in public, they they definitely think it inside.

My sister once said to look out for Gemini's because they don't mix well with Scorpios. Apparently we're hard headed? I guess. Whatever. Anyways, it's quite interesting though. Not! (borat). 
You think I may sound a little ridiculous now but just read about scientology and you'll see how cool I am. But really, people actually do take these supersitions to heart. I once dated this girl who informed me that she occasionally visits a pyschic. She told me this pyschic told her that she could find happiness if she could leave the one thing she needed most behind and take that unknown leap (to me!!!). I told her if she lept, I'd move back because that is the craziest shit i've ever heard!!! Come on? Just because your fortune teller said you'd fall in love with me, you think that's true? crazy bitch! I want to kill myself every time somebody talks about horoscopes in a serious manner. really!

But dont' think that you meat head dudes who play sports and love action hero movies and wear abercrombie and fitch are any different!!! You guys (including myself, minus the abercrombie) are in the same damn pool of foolish fantastical thoughts. We believe in heros! We believed in spiderman, superman, batman, etc. We believed--and obviously still believe--in these superstitions philosophies. It's true! That's why these movies sell out. That's why ever boy, man and oldman still believes in some kind of superman! We really do! Even those guys who love sports. They believe in some kind of super human skills that athletes are closer to reaching; that one day the uber-mench himself will come out to play and show us how pathetic, how weak and how ridiculous we are. We want to be him! We want to be just like him! Yeah, I won't lie, I've always wanted to fly or be superhuman! And I've always believed in some kind of anomoly in human life that gave birth to the super man, some fantastical god-like creature that resembled jesus and michael jordan + the ultimate warrior = uber-mench! For that I'm lame too!

But that's not our fault! I blame our forefathers! I mean, honestly, a giraffe can't blame it's big ass neck on itself, can it? Nope! it's evolutionary. It's a biological defect of the evolutionary history of religious man and therefore we are cursed! But my question to you is whether we would want to relinquish that superstitious attribute if we wanted? Would we accept the mundane, human-like, nominal weaknesses of our current disposition? Or would we constantly dream of something better?