How to be as Mature as Me! A Simple Discourse

Posted on September 06, 2008 / Thoughts

Anyone who knows me would probably define me as "immature" among many other things--this doesn't mean to leave comments about what I am!!! But I think I'm more mature than most. defines mature as "fully developed in body or mind, as a person." Doesn't say much, right? I've always had this discussion with my mom about maturity and she always seems to define me as being "immature." What is this immature?

Maturity isn't a state of age or a state of mind. Maturity, simply put, is "being, acting and thinking appropriately within given conditions" (that's a jk original by the way, no plagiarizing!). We don't always have to act, talk and think like the typical "mature" adults. I remember when I was young and I thought about the 25 year old version of myself...a young, mature professional discussing politics, the environment and the economy. Hahahha. Seriously, though, how many of you thought you'd be soooo mature by the age of 25? Even by 22.

Now I'm almost 2 months away from being 25 and I'm realizing that the maturity isn't what I thought it was. I'm not ready to act, talk and walk like the stereotypical "mature adults" I think of when I read books like Withering Heights. I think our generation is redefining maturity. I shouldnt have to walk around with a stick up my ass because I'm suppose to be mature. I shouldn't have to act appropriately during inappropriate times, I should have to speak in proper english with my friends when we are out drinking. I should have to act like a gentleman when I'm playing sports with some friends.

I should be able to laugh when sombody says "box", "elongate" and "balls". I should be able to crack dirty jokes and sexual remarks. But I should do this when it's appropriate! I know just about everyone reading this has make a racist comment or joke at least once in their life, right? That's not mature. But everyone does it. And everyone does it out of some kind of appropriately humour moment within a particular condition. You're not going to hear me making some black jokes in front of my black friends, or some baby killing jokes in front of some baby mamas, or some polish jokes in front of a polish bar. That's inappropriate! Does that make it inappropriate to make offence jokes when people who will be offended by them are not present? Absolutely. Does a tree make noise when it falls if nobody is around to hear it? Who the fuck cares!? Maturity, guys!

I've been to hundreds of formal weddings, events, festivals, etc. I mean places that I had to wear a suit, talk to old men and women and pretend to be this mature, young man with confidence and enlightenment. Yeah, I've talked to guys about politics and the socio-economic conditions of modern america while at these parties. But sometimes I've talked about girls, boobs and butts at these same parties with these same guys. Interesting, right? That's because maturity is acting mature withing a particular situation. This situation asked for dirty jokes and boobs and we all delivered boobs. Who wants to go out to the club and talk about whether or not Barack Obama will be the first black president? Don't get wasted at a black tie party with old people! Don't bang your bosses daughter if he's an angry russian. Nope! Just act appropriately.

Maturity has nothing to do with being a man (or a lady, for women). It has nothing to do with acting, talking and walking maturily. Maturity is being, acting and thinking apporpriately withing given conditions. So if you're at a frat party then maturity is defined by the standards accepted by those around you. If you're at a club don't be asking being about the murder that happened last week or whether Barack is going to win. Dance instead! If you're at a formal event or dinner don't get drunk and do a booty dance on the table, way inappropriate. But if you're going to the club later then you can do it.

A lot of my friends same I'm immature just in general, like any and all settings. I think so because it's more entertaining. I'd rather have people laughing and discussing than just discussing. I've sat and discussed Kantian dualism with a professor and we laughed our asses off because of how ridiculous we were. I've also discussed it quite seriously with other professors. I have clients that i meet with and I immediately feel comfortable with and I begin being me, john, instead of John Koht of kohactive.

Even if a friend comes up to me crying about whatever. I still respond seriously and with honesty and I'll even show some emotions and affection but there is no way I can do this without having some kind of fun. It's stupid to have a serious discussing without laughing at least once!