I Love You But Hate You Linksys Wireless Internet!

Posted on August 30, 2008 / Technology

Why I Love Linksys:

I love Linksys routers! Really. Everytime I'm walking around with my iPhone in my pocket or I'm at a place with my laptop I always find a new open network called Linksys. Thank god! Seriously, Linksys you are the very reason I am able to access the internet wherever I am. More importantly, thank you to that person who installed that network without any regards to security. By the way, somebody probably stole your identity, credit card info, and everything else you have! Sorry, i didn't do it, though.

Why I Hate Linksys:

The other day I bought a new Linksys wireless router for our new condo downtown. I've probably installed a dozen wireless routers for friends and family and I always seem to have problems. But the thing is that these routers are suppose to be "super-duper calafragalistically easy to install." They say some giberish about a 6 step instruction and you're done. But ever freakin time i try there is some internal problem, "cannot locate router", "cannot connect initialize network" or whatever stupid error that occurs that is meaningless to me. Theoretically it's the easiest thing to install, really, it is! just plug and play (and click a few buttons first)! and pow! you're done. But always, always, always, there is some error!

Maybe this is just a problem I run into to. But i seriously run into installation problems everywhere. I once bought this massive TV remote control, i mean massive, like 7.5" x 15.5". I think it was for elderly people or nearly blind people (probably the same people that I steal their open linksys network form, hahah!). Anyways, I bought this remote and couldnt freaking figure out how to install it. I mean it's not like i'm technologoically inept, I'm actually pretty good, but installation procedures don't seem to be as smooth as they appear to be.

Maybe it's only me, I don't know...