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This is amazing. Absolutely amazing. Legos are awesome! Theres a whole bunch more on Mashable including The Matrix, Jaws, Battle of Wits, Shaun of the Dead, etc.

All Lego videos


Posted on April 14, 2010

Over the past year or so I've seen the rise of these Facebook messages that are directed to specific people with a distinct "message" being served, usually a negative one. I hate these!

Facebook and other social media channels like Twitter, Linked In, etc are all suppose to be "social" mediums, where friends, families and acquaintances can digitally connect, share content and have a good time. But as of late I've seen people usually social media to deliver a negative message to somebody else or a group of people. I'm not talking about the "f#ck democrats!" or "the cubs suck!" messages. Those are fun, those are social, those instigate conversation and arguments.

When I say "Cryptic Facebook Messages" I mean those abitrary statements directed...


Posted on February 28, 2010

Obviously by now you realize Im of the opinion that the advertising agency, in its current form, has a rather bleak future ahead. Certainly the automobile industry has taught us that you cant continue to profit from a mediocre product forever. Wall Street showed us that eventually greed left unchecked is punished. And newspapers have demonstrated that by ignoring the real opportunities provided by technology you absolutely risk extinction in the longterm. And thats where, I believe, the advertising industry largely finds itself today: mired in mediocrity, greed, and ignorance.

Interesting article about the future of advertising agencies. This is a must read for anyone in the industry or anything similar

Here is the link


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That might be the worst name ever, perhaps because it makes no sense. Anyhow, I have absolute no proof of this, but it just makes sense:

You CANT trust a girl who takes a whole bunch of photos of her self and posts them on FacebookUnless shes a model, totally different story.

Doesnt anyone else notice this growing trend? Girls will use their little MacBook camera or their web cam and stage themselves a little photos shoot and then post it on Facebook. Why would any of us care?

There are better ways of getting attention.