Romantic Comic Fantasies and the End of Modern Reality

Posted on November 26, 2006 / Thoughts

recently i had an operation on my nose, commonly refered to as a nose job, but not so much in my case. this operation left me home alone all day long watching movie after movie and pondering the eccentricities of modern man. One lonely night, let me stress the loniliness of this night, i was watching a movie called "just like heaven," which basically centers around a man who moves into a dead woman's apartment, with all her stuff still there (if you want to know more, you're no longer my friend). ANyway, this just made me think of all the romantic comedies i've seen and how a new genre has evolved from within this preexisting one, namely "romantic comic fantasy." who the fuck. somebody deserves to die!

i remember when romantic comedies first came out. they were highly attractive to women, and men alike (although they refuse to admit it), because of the true authenticity that tied the two loves together. whether it was winning somebody back, winning somebody who didnt know you existed, or coming to the sudden realization that you love your best friend, it didnt matter the plot, what matter was that mode in which these characters reacted to the situation, how they dealt with it and how they recognized their love for one another.

this pinnacle in romantic comedies was the end of modern man's (not woman) capablities to be genuine. authenticitiy was no longer recognized as the best means of winning a girl. NOPE! they wanted something eccentric, something theatrical, something magnificient, something over the top that just sweeps them off their feet and into your soft doughy arms. following this, every man cursed hollywood. thanks again, hollywood. Now every fuckin time we want to meet or impress a girl we have to go all out, just to be struck down because we didnt put enough effort into it; or maybe we put all this effort into a lost cause, because once you're in, you want out due to the opposites lack of personality. whatever it may be, men around the world are forced to compared their charm with the fictional characters devised by hollywood. FUCK YOU JERRY MCGUIRE! She's all that my ass! i'd like to meet a handful of women that have been swept of their feet hollywood style. honestly! and why dont we get swept off our feet. ok, you dont need to answer that one.

ever since romantic comedies place a high standard upon man, its been our duty to overwhelm the standard--and the girl. but now its about overwhelming romantic comic fantasies. maybe i should just create a fictional character and fall in love with it. maybe they'll called that "just like a schizophrenic!"

romantic comedies are a test that women use to rate a man, its like a fuckin SAT. and you usually fail. but for some reason i am completely cool with that. one moto, my friends.