Teenage Girls and Immorality

Posted on November 26, 2006 / Thoughts

What ever happened to the morally coherent teenage girl? I could have swore that young, teenage girls used to have some sense of what is right and what is wrong. apparently not. (not to mention the fact that they get even less aware of what morality is, the older they get).

This past halloween I pondered the ways in which i could scare young boys and girls as they came by my house trick-or-treating and moving ont he next. At first i made goat noises from a window, then Chubaka like sounds. I failed miserably. They laughed instead of being frightened.

Then a great idea dawned in my genius mind--play dead! So i layed outside my front door, one leg on the ground, the other on a step, i was spralled out with a hood and sweat pants on, and nobody could tell if I was a real person or just stuffed clothing. I placed my fake-looking (or dead-looking) arm around the bowl of candy and waiting for trick-or-treaters. As i gaged their distance, i began to prepare myself by slowing down my breathing, putting out my cigarette and and laying absolutely still. I listened as a group of girls approached ever so slowly. They were quite hesitant as they dileberated whether i was a real person or not. They final consensus, as they moved closer, was "a real peron." They approached anyways, and one of them slowly and carefully moved her hand into the bowl and grabbed a piece. The were on their tippy toes, waiting for the moment i would jump to my feet and yell. But i was still. completely motionless. Then the other girl tries to reach in and grab one. I am motionless. Then i suddenly jumped to my feet , look one girl in the eyes and yelled "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! DIIIIIEEEEEEE!!" And i grabbed the bowl of candy and threw it up in the air, the plastic bowl shattered and the candy scattered. Then i ran away flailing my arms and yelling "AHHHHHH" Then i circled around my house and back to the front door. These immoral little whores had stolen all my candy, save about 5 pieces. And i'm talking about prime trick or treating candy, not that bullshit little stuff, i'm talking bit size snickers, butterfingers, etc. I was angry, but a little suprised that it worked.

So i laid out again, same postion, and awaited for more teenagers. Then i heard a few approach...To my demise, it was the same girls, they kept yelling "our friends our coming, can you scare them too?" i didn't respond, though. i was motionless. Then these girls went next door and i heard them yell to their friends. A couple of seconds later they walked up to the house while telling their friends that "This was the coolest house because they had a stuffed person that looked so real," so i responded with a little leg spasm. then another. otherwise, i was motionless. But this time as the first girl reached her hand in i jumped up to my feet and yelled "AAAAAAHHHH" and then i looked the next girl directly in the yees and yelled "AAAHHHHHHH!!!!" and i threw the bowl (the new bowl) into the air and ran away, only to be tackle by my brother who was also hiding in the bushes. WHen we arose, these girls had taken all the candy (twice) and this time, they even stole the bowl.

So i ask, why happened to the morally coherent teenage girl? Were they never moral? Or is morality within our youth rapidly declining? I remember as a young boy, only my guy friends and myself would do such a thing, the girls always said "dotn do that, its mean" but they laughed when we actually did it. Now a days, it is female species which people should fear most. We thank video games for this.