The Most Awkward Goodbyes

Posted on June 05, 2010 / Thoughts

Sometimes it's so hard to say goodbye. I'm not talking about a friend leaving forever or sad moment in our lives where we lose something in our life. No, I literally mean that sometimes it's difficult to just say "goodbye" to somebody.

I was on the phone with a potential client the other day and we exchanged goodbyes for a few minutes before hanging up. It was awkward! Here is how the conversation went:

me: "ok sounds good. We'll talk next week then"
them: "ok great. Thanks for your help!"
me: "no problem. Thank you and have a good weekend"
them: "thanks, you too."...
them: "have a good weekend too! Bye!"
me: "thanks, bye!"
them: "ok great. Bye!"
me: "yeah....bye!"
them: "ok thanks again. We appreciate it!"
me: "no problem. Talk to you soon."
them: "yup!, have a great weekend"
me: "Thanks! Bye"
them: "ok, bye!"
...hung up

It was awkward. It's like we were compelled to continually say goodbye to one another. Over and over again. The client is a nice person. Actually, she's a sweet heart. She couldn't kill a fly if it threatened her life. She's so nice that she wanted to make sure that I knew she was thankful and going to have a good weekend. But it was awkward. I just don't know why it couldn't be easier than that. It should have been "Great. Have a good weekend and talk to you next week" and a response being "great. Thanks, you too! Bye" end!

I'm sure everyone has had these kinds of awkward goodbyes. From my experience it seems to happen when talking to nice, soft spoken people. In all honestly, I think these kinds of people are just too nice to say a simple and blunt goodbye. But is that necessarily a bad thing?

Extra bonus!

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