What Every Purse/Shoe Loving Woman Should Know!

Posted on July 10, 2008 / Thoughts

A friend once told me that "bitches be shopping" and i laughed. mostly for two reason: first, because that's the funniest description ever, and second because it actually is true! But that's not what we're hear to talk about, nope! we're here to talk about (better yet, i talk, you read) about one important set of facts that all PURSE and SHOE LOVING WOMAN should know.

Chanel, originally designed by a french fashion and social revolutionary named Coco Chanel. This women impresses me. why? you ask. It's because my whole life i wonder why any woman could spend $5000 on a purse and $750 on shoes and not feel like a they wasted their money. (i mean, come on! there's people that don't have healthy water or food!). But that's a different topic. Today I'm going to enlighten you as to why Chanel is one of the most unique and interesting brands ever designed.

Lets analyze a purse, what does it need? a basic design, leather and stitching, right? yup! where does design come from? a good designer, obviously. where does leather come from? well, it depends on the animal but its either cow, or alligator skin or some other animal--well not actually just leather but all those skins, you get the freakin point! shitty companies use pleather, other expensive companies buy their leather from high quality leather dealers, Chanel, though, "grows" its own leather! yeah, ya heard! grows its own leather! not literally grows but actually owns and operates its own farm for that very purpose--making a purse or shoes or jacket or whatever! did you know that? they have their own farm with animals used to make clothing (PETA, shut up, this isnt about animal rights--you guys are never going to win that argument by the way).

All i'm trying to say is that there is a certain dedication and uniqueness to Chanel that really makes your curious. what else do they grow? well, it happens that they have their own garden with flowers that are used to create their own fragrances too! wtf, mate?

Not to mention that everything that comes from Chanel is hand crafted and sewn, no machines are used to produce the purses, and shoes and whatever else needs sewing.

Personally, i think that's amazing, that's pretty cool. and it helps you understand why Chanel costs so much, farming + non-factory works + animals + high quality materials = expensive shit!

So next time you wear your chanel purse or shoes and somebody says, i can't believe you'd spend $5000 on that purse, you just say, "fuck off", i paid $5000 for them to grow their own leather, hand stitch it and make it for me! and as the notorious b.i.g. once said, "if ya don't know....now ya know."