What My iPhone Taught Me About Women

Posted on July 12, 2010 / Thoughts

Since I was a kid I believed the perfect women was out there for me. By "perfect women" I mean somebody who I could love and would never ever have problems with. I believed in this idea of perfection. I blame movies for this.

Then along came the iPhone. A masterpiece in mobile technology. I instantly fell in love with this phone. If my iPhone was a women I'd marry her. Unfortunately she's a piece of metal, plastic and computer parts. But the three year relationship with my iPhone has taught me a lot about women, love and relationships.

I always looked up to my parent's relationship. They never seemed to fight...or so I thought. The truth was that they did. Everybody fights, but it's our ability to overcome these small tussles that make a relationship exceptional. My iPhone taught me this. Over the course of three years I've managed to love, hate, despise, threaten and occasionally yell at my iPhone (yes, I verbally harassed my iPhone-- don't you dare judge me). But at the end of the day I realized I love my iPhone more than any other phone...and consequently I was continually reminded that it was the phone for me.

In my relationship history, fights and disagreements triggered cautions in my mind. I felt uneasy and as thought the entire relationship was ending. This is probably true in those cases. Let's be honest, we can't truly love everyone that we date. I always wondered how I could love somebody who I occasionally hated so much. My instinct distanced me from that person. I became disengaged and began to move on mentally. In these cases I was probably right. But as I look back on previously relationships, I've realized that there was much I needed to learn about love. And after dealing with my iPhone for 3 years I've realized that what you love most will be the most infuriating thing in your life, and in a certain regard, we're going to hate what we love most.

Potentially bad to say, but my iPhone is the longest relationships I've had with any one specific thing/person (save my friends and family). Throughout these 3 years I've learned to hate, despise and love that little mobile computer. This little machine knew how to piss me off and it did it quite often. But at the end of the day I realized how attached and dependent I was. It was through the anger and disagreements that I realized how complex a real relationship is. In order to truly love somebody you have to know how to hate them, and likewise have them hate you, and at the end of each battle you know that that person is still the perfect person for you.

So while my iPhone died, froze, flipped out and caused me problems, I knew those issues weren't powerful enough to change my thoughts.