What Obama, Tommy Lee and Paul Walker Have in Common!

Posted on November 03, 2008 / Thoughts

For the past few months I've watched the presidential candidates tour the country, talk about their beliefs and standpoints and absolutely tear into one another. I think it's actually been quite entertaining--all the hostility, that is. But for the past few months I noticed one particularly interesting correlation between the potential President of the United States, Barack Obama, former rockstar Tommy Lee and Moviestar Paul Walker (I know that "moviestar" is definitely not a suiting term to describe Walker, but lets go with it for now). You're probably thinking--what the hell do these guys have in common? right? We'll it's simple. They all share overhyped popularities! 

Paul walker starred in a couple of terrible movies while exhibiting his lack of acting skills all the while! Nonetheless, people loved him! Why? Cause he was the fast and the furious, he made out with Jessica Alba in Into the Blue and he even played in one of the best sports movies ever--varsity blues! Walker was always the same character per se, he was alway "Paul Walker" as we know him--unfortunately, this was supposedly "acting". Point of this--waaaaay overhyped!

Tommy Lee banged Pamela Anderson and the world envied him! He was the drummer for Motley Crue--Pretty sweet, if you ask me! But what has this dude done over the last 20 years? Nothing, yet he's still a hollywood and world pimp! This guys is famous for once being famous! 

Now you're probably thinking how is this related to Obama? Right? Well if it isn't already obvious, Obama has attained the same celebrity status for doing almost nothing. Walker was a moviestar trend that happened for 2 longs years, Lee was a rockstar trend that is still happening (over 20 years) and Obama is the political trend of our times! This guys has almost no experience, he never made out with Jessica Alba and he definitely didnt play drums for Motley Crue, so what does he have?--He's got hype!

Obama doesnt just represent Barack Obama, the son of a sheep herding Muslim, but he represents a tide of change that has taken over this nation. He epitomizes the neo-socialistic movement that has captured our youth like Jynco jeans in the 90's and bell bottoms in the 70s. He is like the LCD that those kids at your high school cooked up in their basement--a total trip, a relevation. The only problem is that he, himself, holds no content behind this contextual mask of new age change. He is simply the face of a movement that has no real content. Obama is a trend. Come on, everyone's doing it! You should to! Everywhere I look, the news, online, facebook, my phone, I see his face as this symbol that is synonymous with change. He has no track record of change. He's going to implement socialistic values in our capitalistic society. He's the face of a movement that may actually inhabilitate this country. But I won't lie, who he is, everything about the "cover" of Obama is a sign of change: he's black, he's muslim, he's young, he's the son of a sheep herder! But is that enough? Is that enough change? Does having a black, muslim, son of a shep herding president make us truely believe that change shall be delivered and the corrupt face of the American government and political state will forever be turn upside down and brough to justice? Probably not!

What really cracks me up is these rich ass rappers, atheletes and celebrities who are voting Obama. Why would they vote Obama? I mean, these guys make millions of dollars a year--voting Obama means they get taxed more. Let me reiterate: they get less money! Not more! Less! They are so rich that the political spectrum, the economy and the world crisis doesnt even affect them, yet they are still voting for someone who is going to take MORE money away from them. Colin Powell, right? Don't lie--you're voting cause Obama is black. And that's cool, but don't lie to us. Everywhere I go, everyone I know. Everyone is about Obama. And if they're not voting, for whatever stupid ass reasons they may decide on, they still promote Obama and bash McCain. Now I won't lie, Palin is the worst idea since a helicopter ejector seat but still. 

Four years ago P. Diddy began campaigning for people to vote in general, didn't matter who, but just the fact that they got out there and voted. He had a great tagline, "vote or die!" This was a great idea--get people out there, get them involved and get them voting. Unfortunately, the new tagline appears to be "Vote Obama or we'll kill your ass, bitch!" This growing trend has evolved over the past 3 months and is becoming a movement of sorts, I feel our entire culture is being absorbed by this trend and buying into it like 80's clothing agian! My concern and question is simple: Is Obama really that change that we have been looking for or are we being trendy? Do we expect Obama to change the face of this nation or are we going start believing that being a muslim son of a sheep herder is some trendy shit? Do you believe Obama and the democrats wll deliver a true and honest change to this country or do you think that marketing, advertising and national trends have psychologically assisted our decision making?

p.s. vote nader!