Why ComEd is a Mega Fail!

Posted on March 26, 2011 / Technology

For the past year I've been completely unsuccessful in creating and maintaining a ComEd acount to pay my electric/power bills. I've made three different accounts but can never seem to sign in.

I've called support and even email their technical team but only response I ever got was:

We apologize but we are experiencing some issues with user logins

After a year of reminding myself to log online and pay on time (which was rare), I finally decided to create a new account and try once again. As i registered my account I realized what the problem was the entire time:

The have a 10 character limit on passwords but my typical password is more than 10 characters. What's even better is that while they limit the input field to 10 characters when you set the password, the actual password field on the login page is well over 10 characters. Thus, I was typing in my password incorrectly for all three accounts that I've created throughout the last year. Well four, since I just created another.

My conclusion is poor user experience. If they want to limit the password to 10 characters then they should notify you like banks, i.e. 1 capital, one lower case, number, etc. But since they don't, I had no reason to assume there was a limit and thus I never understand why my password didn't work.

While this seems like the smallest issue possible, it's actually much greater than you could imagine. Think about it, your password shows up as dots, you can't tell what was cut off and limited and what's there. Most likely, this is the "login issues" they were experiencing.