Ya Mama Called me Qwerty!

Posted on February 14, 2007 / Thoughts

"qwerty" is the name of that thing that has those buttons with those letters, numbers and other buttons randomly assorted in some unnecessary confusion that you are unfortunately accustom to. that little mechanism from hell is called a "keyboard" and you probably use it every day.

while i was siting at the computer waiting for somebody to IM me back, i started thinking. because nobody was on at 1:46 am. so i asked myself why a computer keyboard is designed as obscurely as it is. i know everyone else asks the question once in a while. but you guys probably arent as bored as i am. i actually looked up the answer. the keboard was designed in 1860 and was called the "qwerty" (the first six letters on the left hand side of the first row of letter on the keyboard). this random assortment and mixture of letters and number is almost a century and half old. it was designed by the man who invented the typewriter. He wanted the typewriter to endorse "convenience" and designed the original keyboard to be most efficient but realized that the letter used to get jammed the faster you type. so he purposely rearrange the letters and numbers so as to slow the typist (wikipedia). in the past century, though, the electronic computer was invented and rendered the typewriting worthless--that was good! consequently, though, we adopted the "qwerty" keyboard design and all its inefficiencies--that was bad.

apparently there is another keyboard available, its called the "dvork simplified keyboard"--i need it. i wonder how many people actually use this keyboard. honestly. trying to relearn a keyboard is like being forced to learn Arabic instantly and having no other form of communications until you learn it. it'll take you forever to write something as easy as your own name. i dont know about you guys but writing my name on the keyboard is so easy (besides somebody who has a letter as a name, thats not fair), but for a four letter word, my name is real easy.
J.O.H.N. look down at the keyboard and find the four letters that you can easily use in a certain simple pattern to form the word JOHN. SO EASY! now if i had to relearn the keyboard and constantly typed my name wrong, i would freak out. because that is the one thing that people never type wrong. no never say or type your name wrong. thats your shit.

honestly, if anyone out there uses this "dvorak simplified keyboard" please tell me, it may be too late to learn arabic but maybe i can learn dvorak shit.